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Al Kuwari Portacabins Factory was established in 2002‭. ‬It specializes in manufacturing mobile and fixed Portacabins for individuals and companies of all sizes‭.‬

The factory has proven over the years its ability to keep pace with development‭, ‬technology and high quality in manufacturing at‭ ‬the hands of technicians specialized in this field through designing and creating the latest interior and exterior decorations‭ ‬annually renewed and modern ideas aimed at providing the customer’s desire and providing fast and upscale service‭.‬

As we know very well that customer satisfaction is the basis of successful work‭, ‬and to obtain customer satisfaction we always strive to provide integrated solutions and ideas that meet the needs of the customer and commensurate with his request in terms of decoration‭, ‬manufacturing‭, ‬high quality and competitive prices‭.‬

Al Kuwari Portacabin Factory for is one of the pioneering factories in Qatar and the pride of the Qatari industry‭.‬

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